Treat Your Hair

Your hair is a major part of your aesthetic, and that’s why it’s so important that you love your hairstyle. Choose from a variety of colors, shades, and styles, and create a look that you truly love. Whether you’re wanting to add texture or color to your hair, the expert stylists at Zen Beauty will get you taken care of.

Hair Treatment Services

Everyone loves a lush head of hair. At Zen Beauty, we make it our priority to help you look your best at all times. Take a look at some of the hair treatment services we provide:

Hair Loss

This is a real problem that impacts your life in a big way. Oftentimes hair loss is associated with other conditions that can make your confidence hard to find. We’ll help stop or slow down hair loss as much as we can by treating your hair to the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

Oily Hair

We all get oily hair from time to time. Everything from our diets to environmental conditions can turn hair oily. If you are ready to help put a stop to oily hair, schedule your appointment today. Our hair treatment specialists will get started as soon as you’re ready.

Scalp Treatment

Is the skin on your scalp starting to flake? Do you find that your hair is always dotted with dead scalp skin? Whether you are dealing with an itchy scalp or simply want to have us check everything out, we’ll ensure your scalp gets the attention it deserves.

Hair Maintenance

Everyone needs to indulge in hair maintenance to prevent split ends, prevent hair loss, and to do the best you can to ensure your hair stays healthy for as long as possible. Book your appointment or walk right in to get started on rejuvenating your hair.

Additional Hair Services We Provide:

Coloring Services

Are you thinking about adding highlights or lowlights to give your hair volume? Have you been debating adding a whole new color to your look? No matter what you’re thinking, our expert team will get you situated with comprehensive hair coloring services that give you a head to toe look.

Create A New Style

Sometimes you need a little bit of pizazz to take your hair to the next level and to add texture to your look. Create a new style with specialized services that add bounce to your hair. Let our stylists straighten or curl your hair, and see how it would feel to experience a truly unique style with a different haircut.

Texturize Your Look

If you’ve always dreamed about what it would feel like to have a full head of curls or you’re struggling with straightening tangled locks, our expert team has you covered. Zen Beauty offers texturization services that help you take charge of your locks and develop a new style. Select permanent wave or relaxant services that let you explore a new side of your hair and discover a whole new realm of possibilities.
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